I generally do not write reviews, but in this instance I felt compelled. I wear a suit and tie every day. I’ve met with and bought custom suits from other tailors in the city over the years. I am an ESQ client now for a pretty simple reason - they do everything better than their competition. From the in store experience, to their depth of knowledge on fabric, style, fit, and comfort, to their customer service & quick production time, to the quality and final look of the product they create; these guys get it. They have earned a life long client in me from one suit purchase. Stop in and put them to the test - they will deliver.

— Neal L.


I hit the point in my life where I wanted to get my first hand made / custom suit. I met Ge Wang (owner & operator), and well as Jordan who manages the fitting process. The booking process is super easy, and they were extremely appreciative that I got there early. 

I gave the gentlemen a heads up that I was looking for an executive type suit with some flare. First My measurements were taken by Ge, and then Jordan brought out the fabrics for me to choose what color and design. They had an amazing blue fabric (English), then we chose the lapel cut, the number of buttons on the sleeve, number of pockets. Essentially a very thorough process. One incredible feature is with the pants, and the technology used to eliminate wearing a belt. Then we picked the vest for my suit. I had no idea there were that many options to choose from when it came to a vest. I picked a u shaped vest to further show off the tie. Once we chose lining for the suit. This is where the suit goes from good to great. Everything up tot his point was basically picked out by Ge and Jordan mainly because my current wardrobe is a mishmash of ill fitting garbs not suitable for the work I do. We then went to footwear. Although they have options to make custom shoes, I thought I would go with some of the selections they had in the store. I got the feather weight boots, and a pair of brown Italian shoes. We then picked the fabric for the shirt. I went white with french cuffs, and then had Ge and Jordan pick out the other 3 shirts for me. The fabric of the white shirt also allows for stretching and moving around without making the shirt look like you were in a bull riding contest. Incredible elasticity. I picked up two ties, and through in a Notre Dame blazer for good measure. He also showed me a couple winter coats & jackets. All incredible but will have to wait for next time I visit. It's the kind of shopper I am. At the end, I paid for the goods, and they will be shipped out to my home. 

This was such an amazingly easy, and personal experience!! I plan on going back at minimum once a year till my entire wardrobe is revamped. 

— Mohammed I.

I am a long time customer because Ge and Jordan don't try to be different or edgy to be good at what they do.  They just focus on being good which makes them different.  Keep up the great work and looking forward to more perfect fitting suits.

— Frank C.

This group is absolutely fantastic!  From the browsing and brainstorming stage to the initial fitting, right through the delivery and custom tweaks to the garment, Ge and Jordan were top drawer.  Thank you both for what's becoming the favorite suit in my wardrobe!

— Brian J.

These guys deliver the full experience-- scotch, pool table, fabrics, sartorial expertise!  Plus they know the styles.  Don't worry if you do not know the difference between peak and notch, or flap or ticket; they've got you covered.

In search of a new tailor, I made an appointment with Ge.  When I arrived I was not disappointed.  The space is adorned with tufted couches, mahogany shelves, and crisp upholstered chairs.  Jordan who also works there poured some Macallan and we discussed fabrics.  I selected one, Ge took measurements, and it arrived about 3-4 weeks later.  I went in a again and Ge made a few minor adjustments perfectly to fit. 

— Brian M.

I made my first purchase of (4) custom suits from Ge & Jordan in late 2016.  The shopping experience was excellent and the suits were magnificent!  Workmanship, quality, unique style and customization make for a product that really stands out!  I can't imagine buying a suit anywhere else now...I'm hooked.  I join the other clients in giving ESQ the highest 5 Star Rating for both product and service.

— El A.

I buy a lot of clothes and have wasted a lot of money on expensive brand names and "made to measure" clothing over the years in search of the perfect fit, quality and look.  I've found it with the team at ESQ!  I have struggled to find that perfect fit as a tall, broad shoulder and narrow waste athletic body frame and these guys have mastered it.  To the point that I now just call them with what I am looking for and they send it.

Value goes beyond the transactional cost and into the compliments I receive every time I wear ESQ get-up.  I feel confident and put together because of all of the smaller details they take into consideration on every piece.  Every piece is functional and made for me.

I am happy to support ESQ and feel like I finally found that partner in fashion I have been looking for.  Thanks for keeping me fresh!

— Aaron S.

Ge and Jordan are nothing but first class. Purchased my first custom suit from them last year and I haven't looked back since. Their endless fabrics to choose from sets them apart from any other place. From the time you step foot inside their showroom to when you pick up your clothes the attention to detail Ge and Jordan have is something I have not experienced anywhere else. I have enjoyed my suits from ESQ and look forward to going back. Give them a try and go in for a visit.

— Michael G.

I purchased my grooms suit from ESQ and was very happy with the suit and quality. It was very well fitted and felt as if only I could wear it....they are that detailed in matching your size. Well worth the visit. Jordan serviced me as well as I could have asked.

— David S.

“Incredible experience and quality. I can't believe I've put up with the traditional way of buying a suit up until this point...how didn't I know about ESQ before? Jordan was amazing - no pressure and he provided a ton of direction to someone new to bespoke suits and all of the options. They cover every detail, and their selection includes just about any possibility. And the fit is the best part - again absolutely amazing that a suit and shirts can feel this way. They've definitely earned a repeat customer.”

— Michael O.


Awesome experience.  Suit fits like a glove and is extremely comfortable.  I received more comments on it than any other suit that I have ever owned.

— Ken W.

Another job well done by Ge Wang @ ESQ Clothing.
This time I met Jordan who helped me with Ge.  They both are great.  I needed a new suit, unfortunately for a recent funeral I attended.  They helped customize it pairing what I wanted with some fashion forward updates.  I got some nice shirts for them as well that fit like a glove!
Highly recommend.

— Ronald W.

Ge and Jordan are great. Suit's unreal. Great fit. Great Service. Tip: order their shirt. Most comfortable dress shirt I own.

— Jeff H.

I received a sportcoat from ESQ at an auction - but loved the jacket so much I went back and purchased a full suit.  I knew the jackets were well-made and of a great quality, but in store I saw they matched that with professional and timely service.  I've never received more compliments on a suit or sportcoat - even from my kids.  A great in-store experience and an even better final product.

— Rich B.

I met Ge a few years back and was impressed with his knowledge, but most importantly his passion for custom clothing. When the time came for a new tux, there was no choice but to experience ESQ.  From that day forward, with multiple Suits, Sport coats, Shirts and other assorted items, I have been nothing but ecstatic about the quality, value and customer service that has been delivered!

— Jay P.

My husband absolutely loves ESQ Suits!  The quality is amazing and they fit him like a glove. When we visit the shop, Ge greets us with a warm smile and is genuinely happy to see us. I would definitely recommend getting a custom suit by ESQ as it will have you looking your best!

— Jen B.

I just got a couple of new suits and love the fit and feel. Tailoring took 2 times to get it right, but a great final product. Some awesome fabrics and just an overall great experience in the store and with the guys. Highly recommend as a place to check out some high-end fabrics and new designs.

— Joe S.

After just one trip into the store, I quickly realized that I need to go back. My first trip was more of a window shopping experience and both Ge and Jordan were great to deal with.  Shortly after my first visit I came back to pick out a suit.  After taking the time to try on multiple styles and colors of suits I actually ended up purchasing 2.  All the typical alterations that a suit may need were done quickly.  When I went to pick up my suits I happened to acquire a coat that I had previously had my eye on.    
Between the 2 suits and coat I am constantly getting compliments on all pieces that I wear from ESQ.  The quality and service is of the highest degree, and going forward my suit needs will be fulfilled at ESQ.

— Ryan V.

Ge and Jordan have a terrific business. They are cool guys with a great, comfortable spot to display their incredible clothes. They take the time to work with you to find bespoke clothing that will not only look great, but fit perfectly too.

— Peter M.

I have bought several suits and shoes from ESQ. My latest purchase was a new overcoat that I love! Just yesterday I was getting a shoe shine on my ESQ shoes and the gentleman commented and wouldn't stop talking about the quality! I love the show room. Keep up the great work Ge & Jordan!

— Mark D.

I have been getting my suits from Ge over at ESQ for years. The quality of the clothing is unprecedented. I have to wear a suit everyday for work and even my oldest suits still look like new. If you are looking for a bespoke suit, I would highly recommend seeing the guys over at ESQ.. 

— Jeffrey M.

I am a resident of Indianapolis, IN but travel to Chicago periodically for business. I was referred to ESQ Clothing by a friend so decided to stop by and check the place out. I had no intention of purchasing anything when I stopped in but ended up getting the nicest bespoke suit I have ever owned along with a few dress shirts, a tie, and some cuff links. The personal attention given by Ge and Jordan was phenomenal. The knowledge these two possess when it comes to understanding suit fabrics, fit and finish, color combinations, etc was truly impressive.

I can honestly say I plan to purchase every bespoke suit moving forward from ESQ. They are the real deal and take great care of their clients!

— Tim S.

Bespoke at its finest. Chloe was great and detailed oriented.
Highly recommended.

— Tony G.

Ge and Jordan were extremely helpful assisting in choosing a perfect suit. They take the necessary time to understand your needs, very high level tailoring, and a genuine, personable customer experience.

I highly recommend ESQ for anyone looking for bespoke suit. Once you put this suit on, you'll feel how clothing should truly fit.

— Bryant H.

“My husband and I recently got married and ordered a custom tux from ESQ. Ge and his team were awesome! Not only did he look so, so amazing, but the amount of compliments he got on the tux was unreal. The team was awesome to work with, the fit was great and I would recommend ESQ to anyone! Ask for Ge!”

— Lisa C.


“I shop and at several made-to-measure and bespoke clothiers in the City, and hands down ESQ is the best of the lot.  Ge and Jordan to a great job of going through the different fabrics and explaining the nuances of each to accommodate your wallet and style.  Additionally, once the process is complete, the turn around time is one month, which is unheard of in the industry.  Others are 6-8 weeks.  And, they're bespoke shoe collection is second-to-none.  I send Ge a picture of shoes I want made, one month later I have them.  On top of everything, Ge and Jordan are all around good guys.”

— Scott C.

“My husband had used ESQ for shirts, suits, pants, tuxes, shoes, jackets and we would use them over and over again. Fast turnaround time, amazing quality, and Ge is fantastic to work with!  Would recommend to anyone. ESQ never disappoints! Thanks Ge!!!”

— Jordan R.