I shop and at several made-to-measure and bespoke clothiers in the City, and hands down ESQ is the best of the lot.  Ge and Jordan to a great job of going through the different fabrics and explaining the nuances of each to accommodate your wallet and style.  Additionally, once the process is complete, the turn around time is one month, which is unheard of in the industry.  Others are 6-8 weeks.  And, they're bespoke shoe collection is second-to-none.  I send Ge a picture of shoes I want made, one month later I have them.  On top of everything, Ge and Jordan are all around good guys.

Scott, Chicago

I have been getting my suits from Ge over at ESQ for years. The quality of the clothing is unprecedented. I have to wear a suit everyday for work and even my oldest suits still look like new. If you are looking for a bespoke suit, I would highly recommend seeing the guys over at ESQ.

Jeff, Chicago

Discovered ESQ and Ge a few years ago, first tailor I've been truly excited to work with. They do a great job understanding existing wardrobe, needs & budget. The store is an experience in itself, awesome decor and a great place to relax. Hands down the best clothing shop in Chicago.

Rob, Chicago

My husband had used ESQ for shirts, suits, pants, tuxes, shoes, jackets and we would use them over and over again. Fast turnaround time, amazing quality, and Ge is fantastic to work with!  Would recommend to anyone. ESQ never disappoints! Thanks Ge!!!

Jordan, Minneapolis

First ever bespoke suit. It fits like an expensive pair of leather gloves. Great job and will be back in to see my man Jordan V.

Henry, Chicago

I buy a lot of clothes and have wasted a lot of money on expensive brand names and "made to measure" clothing over the years in search of the perfect fit, quality and look.  I've found it with the team at ESQ!  I have struggled to find that perfect fit as a tall, broad shoulder and narrow waste athletic body frame and these guys have mastered it.

Aaron, Washington D.C.

Between the 2 suits and coat I am constantly getting compliments on all pieces that I wear from ESQ.  The quality and service is of the highest degree, and going forward my suit needs will be fulfilled at ESQ.

Ryan, Chicago

If you're looking for a quality suit and modern appeal ESQ is one of the best places to go in Chicago. I've worked with Ge Wang and his team and have a custom suit and coat and love it every time I wear it. Highly highly recommend!

Billy, New York

All time greatest bespoke suit company. I won't let my husband get a suit anywhere else (and quite frankly he doesn't want to) because this is the best you can get your hands on, period.  Top quality materials, custom made to your body type, and top of the line customer service.

Stephani, Dallas

Loved my experience with ESQ and Ge. Ge's communication is awesome. The whole suit fit like a glove and I was very pleased with the process and the product from beginning to end. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a bespoke suit.

Paul, Chicago

I made my first purchase of (4) custom suits from Ge & Jordan in late 2016.  The shopping experience was excellent and the suits were magnificent!  Workmanship, quality, unique style and customization make for a product that really stands out!  I can't imagine buying a suit anywhere else now...I'm hooked.  I join the other clients in giving ESQ the highest 5 Star Rating for both product and service.

EL, Chicago

As good as it gets. Great service, great suits. The people there really know what they are doing.

Alejandro, Guadalajara

These guys deliver the full experience-- scotch, pool table, fabrics, sartorial expertise!

Brian, Chicago