We invite you to dream a simple idea: an idea of the perfect garment. At ESQ, our team of master tailors create one of a kind bespoke garments for the most discerning gentlemen around the world. ESQ Bespoke is so much more than your typical custom suit; it’s an opportunity for us to showcase not just what a bespoke garment truly is, but also the experience of fabric and design you've never had. It starts with a meeting between you and your designer. This is the beginning of a handmade garment built around you.

This first meeting can take place at your home, in your office, or in our flagship Chicago showroom, located at 555 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60661. Each piece of the experience is tailored to suit your lifestyle. You can book directly online or by phone. This first appointment is about cultivating a design that will set cater to both head and heart. 


THE Best fabrics from around the world


At ESQ, we strive to offer the best fabrics from around the world. This means that our bespoke experience begins long before you arrive for your first fitting.

We source from only the best mills from around the world, including Loro Piana, Scabal, Dormeuil, Ariston, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda, Dugdale Bros. and many others. In total, we source over 40,000 suiting and jacketing fabrics from these mills.

This guarantees that each and every fabric stands up to the highest performance and luxury standards. We use the best fabric from around the world, period.

We know the overwhelming nature of such 40,000 fabrics, but our style advisors are experts in the nature of each wool, cashmere and silk, and able to offer you the perfect fabric for whatever situation you may need. From performance to luxury, your style advisor will guide you in choosing the perfect fabric for your garment.

To make sure our shirting fabrics are not overlooked, we source from top mills Alumo, Loro Piana, Thomas Mason, Canclini and others. In total, ESQ sources from 26 fabric mills.



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total suiting fabrics


Shirting fabrics

true bespoke versus made-to-measure


The ESQ custom suit experience allows every Chicago man to create a garment that is truly a personification of each individual’s character and taste. ESQ President and Creative Director Ge Wang describes this process of personalization, “It’s our job at ESQ to express each man’s personal style though every custom suit, from a traditional English power suit to a relaxed Sprezzatura sport coat typically reserved for the Amalfi Coast, it’s our job to ensure that everything is built around our client and his unique taste.” Whether you’re looking for a formal tuxedo or refined leisure wear, an ESQ tailor will guide you through each detail. And together, you will make each garment your own.

The fabric, the style, the finish - all are decided here. Together with our comprehensive 34 measurements will make the garment's fit truly yours. Our designers will note the smallest details, whether that be a differing slope in the shoulder to one larger calf muscle, to guarantee the perfect fit.

Your measurements are then sent to our own team of master tailors, who will individually draw and cut your pattern. Unlike most made-to-measure, where a recent college graduate will add and subtract based on an existing template in front of a desktop, our team of master tailors boast over 75 years of pattern making and cutting experience, ensuring that whatever is cut is made just for you.

And in terms of details, everything can be customized, from lapels, buttons, button stance, pockets and trouser closure, to individual accent buttonholes, we’re here to create not just an exceptional garment, but also one that is specifically built for you.

Don't forget about a custom lining or putting your signature inside the jacket - it can all be done.


Our Process

four week turnaround

it’s the (handmade) details that make all the difference


Hand-tailored and handmade are two separate things. While our competition will often use ‘hand-tailored’ to represent that a tailor is present to take measurements, each ESQ garment is handmade, down to the last stitch.

This allows for proper give and movement regardless of cloth, allowing basketweave and fabrics with soft handles the proper give for a truly luxurious feel.

An individual stitch may seem like a small detail, but put them all together and it allows for the best performance from any given fabric.