Handmade vs. Machine Made

It simply feels better

Look around at the suits that surround you the next time you’re in an office or clothing store. Why do some men wear a suit well and why do some men look like the suit is wearing them? Similarly, we all can notice when a garment simply looks and feels more ‘alive’ than others. The variance applies to custom suits just as well.


This variance is not by coincidence, but a tandem of fabric and design working in harmony. The best fabrics in the world cannot be shown off with poor workmanship and the best handmade suit won’t feel all that great with an inferior fabric, canvas or both.

The advantages of a handmade suit are numerous. One, it simply feels better. Why? A handmade garment allows the individual tailor to stretch and pull the fabric prior to each stitch in the sewing process. This allows the tailor to mimic your daily movements and for the fabric to really come alive. This is simply not possible on the rapid pace of a sewing machine.

Two, a handmade suit is going to have detailing that stands out from every other suit. And a handmade suit can vary drastically in quality as well. The answer is not always as clear as a ‘Milanese’ lapel buttonhole. Look closer at the sleeve buttons, how do those look? Or a closer look at how neat the pick stitching on the lapel or interlining is. How straight are the interior pockets, and how perfectly lined up are the checks? These are all signs of an ESQ handmade suit.

Wear it with pride. Over 40 total hours goes into each ESQ suit.

Ge WangESQ Clothing