Bespoke vs. Made to Measure

A custom suit vs. a custom suit


The term custom suit is thrown around loosely today, and at ESQ, we offer a bespoke experience that allows each client to craft a garment that is truly built around you. The contrast between made to measure and our bespoke process is quite stark. For a made to measure suit, a likely untrained “stylist” will take your body measurements, and then all those numbers go into a computer, where those measurements are made to fit a set template. In other words, you’re put into a template of an off the rack jacket and then sleeve length, etc is adjusted by addition and subtraction.

Our bespoke process is both time consuming but it is precise. Our tailors go through an 8 month training regime before they are allowed to take a single measurement. Our tailors must know not what measurements to take, but the why behind each single one. Our tailors will then determine with you the kind of fit you want. Together, you make your garment your own.

Once your fitting is complete, every set of measurements is overseen by our creative director Ge Wang. He and he only, will determine the allowance for each measurement. In essence, this allows us to skip the basting stage of trying on an unfinished garment. With years of training, Mr. Wang is able to determine the perfect fit without the tedious process of trying on a flimsy basted jacket over and over again.

But of course, this decision is, like everything else, up to you. We offer the basting process as well if you choose.

Come see the process for yourself.