Location: Chicago, IL



ESQ Clothing was founded in 2012 with the simple notion that quality bespoke clothing must exist in Chicago. Since it’s inception during Ge Wang’s time as a practicing attorney, ESQ Clothing has become Chicago’s best place to get a statement suit by Chicago Magazine, and has been featured in GQ, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today.


When you join ESQ Clothing, you are signing up to be a part of a fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment; one that is focused on your own abilities and one where you will be rewarded like no other. We simply make better quality products than available in our industry, and we value your ability to adapt to each individual client. Each day will bring something new, and we welcome your input on each customer experience.


Our sales associate position is not your typical ‘stylist’ opportunity of our peers. We want you to focus purely in a sales capacity, without having to learn the how and why behind bespoke clothing. This is something that neither can be taught, nor learned in a period short of six months.

Our sales associates will be tasked with finding and developing new client relations, along with helping make an impact by advising, in tandem with our creative director and staff, on fabric selection, style trends, etc. We will ask that you help create genuine, long-lasting relationships that turn, along with excellent customer service.

You will also support the rest of the ESQ team and its customers through chat, email and phone; along with scheduling in person client meetings and attending events to help promote ESQ Clothing.

During your time as a sales associate, ESQ Clothing will teach you any and everything there is to know about bespoke clothing. Your knowledge will go beyond measurements. We pride ourselves on being experts, so you will truly learn how and why not only why each body type and silhouette is different, but also the difference fabrics will have per each individual.

Once you’ve reached this level, we will ask that you take on client leads yourself, from start to finish. If you’re looking for a company that’s continually growing, and want to focus on true quality handmade clothing, we look forward to hearing from you.


·      Manage inbound custom communication through email, phone or chat

·      Actively cultivate new client relationships through whatever means necessary

·      Manage new relationship with clients and ensure excellent custom service

·      Be extremely attentive to the smallest detail

·      Prioritize, organize and manage client needs

·      Pack orders for shipping

·      Schedule appointments

·      Most important, think on the fly and soak in as much knowledge about bespoke clothing as possible!


·      You are extremely driven and entrepreneurial. You are expected to reach goals and hustle to reach them.

·      You are resourceful and adaptable. You are able to think outside the box.

·      You are organized. You plan your day, and your time is valuable.

·      You are humble. You are willing to take direction and learn everything you can.

·      You are confident. You are representative of ESQ Clothing and you are not afraid to show your passion for clothing.

·      You are collaborative. You are willing to work with our small team and all miscellaneous tasks that may arise.

·      You are available on a whim, including weekends, evenings and some holidays.


·      0-2 year of work experience. Retail is not necessary, but the ability to create new client relationships is paramount.

·      Ability to learn quickly and multi-task.

·      Proficient with email organization, google drive, Dropbox. Photo editing skills and social media skills preferred.

·      Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Remember, our clients are the extreme elite.

·      Bachelor’s Degree is strong suggested.


·      Unrivaled compensation. We can’t sell without you, and we want to compensate you better than anyone else.

·      Healthcare benefits

·      Career advancement opportunities

·      A company culture that strives to be the best, anything short of this is unacceptable

·      A product that you can believe in. We don’t carry your typical ‘custom’ suit. You’ll believe in what you sell.

·      A knowledge base that is unrivaled. The terms ‘clothier’ and ‘stylist’ do not apply. From fabrics to how and why each body is different, we will teach you to be the best in your field.

Please email your resume and cover letter to contact@esqclothing.com for consideration.