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The art of tailoring

Analog in a digital world


We invite you to discover the joy of our bespoke suiting and shirting - now recognized as Best of Chicago. We are dedicated to crafting your dream garment.

Available across a wide range of categories, including shirting and footwear, ESQ offers the exclusivity of a unique garment, entirely modeled and handcrafted to meet your exacting requirements. Unparalleled handmade craftsmanship and expansive fabric selection are the two fundamentals upon which an ESQ Bespoke item is built - from Gutterman thread to handmade Italian canvassing.

The ESQ fabric selection offers over 40,000 variations of wool, light cashmere, wool and silk, cotton and linens, and ultra rare fabrics including Treasure Box by Scabal and Jade by Dormeuil. These are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, to match your personality perfectly.

The selection of fabric, house style, cut and fit as well as the choice of a full range of options such as lapel shape, buttons, lining, shirt collar and cuffs can be completed in our flagship showroom at 555 W Jackson Blvd in Chicago.

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The ESQ garment is the pinnacle of men's tailoring as an art. It represents the countless hours and the tireless men and women whom have achieved the highest level of sartorial excellence. From your initial fitting and pattern making, to the final button sewn and ironing process, the ESQ suit renders itself an unmatched dream garment, and it's all done by hand. Our designers have over 200 combined years of experience, guaranteeing that your garment will fit and feel perfect - no recent college graduates drawing on a computer here.

Our unique sewing process requires over 45 hours of workmanship and each suit lives and breathes thanks to more than 6,000 meticulously hidden stitches made by hand. The ESQ garment is the analog in an increasing digital world.

It is, simply put, the best garment you'll own.