While working countless hours as an attorney, I came to the simple realization that I didn’t own a single suit that both fit properly and/or truly felt luxurious. Having tried over dozens of brands and tailors, from famed designers to other Chicago ‘custom clothiers’ , I realized that I was simply unhappy with my options.

I created ESQ Clothing in 2012 with one simple goal in mind - to make the best custom garment possible. To this day, we here at ESQ Clothing strive to make your perfect garment a reality - from custom suits, tuxedos, shirts and overcoats, to whatever other outfit you may design.

ESQ Clothing is honored to be named “Best of Chicago” by Chicago Magazine. We’ve been able to accomplish this by crafting true handmade bespoke suits and by using the finest fabrics in the world.

Having come from a world where I’ve owned too many average suits and shirts, I invite you personally to come experience the difference of what custom clothing should be. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

No more disappointment, and no compromises.

The ESQ garment, simply put, is the best garment you'll own.

Ge Wang, President